Anabell's Projects

I have used Neocities to make two cool looking websites. One is for my core class project
and one is for last years year nine website assessment. Both were done last year and I got
an Excellence grade for the bright and eye catching turquoise one while the other wasn’t
something that was graded but more of a necessity for ourselves to show our school work
to the teachers and then later to people as our kind of CV.

Core class Website Year Nine Website
First Code Python One

Python was used, again, to make a basic website with confusing code and many different,
flash looking colours. It was hard but enjoyable as I like having a challenge. I also thought
that it was interesting to learn about as coding is like learning a whole other language and
as I am already bilingual I could see now why other people struggle to learn another language.
I enjoyed making this Python website because as I said it was challenging but also rewarding to
see the end product, once it was finished. And then getting another Excellence grade was also
a good benefit.

Scratch was used earlier this year and last year to make some very simple games, like ping pong
or drawing fancy dotted lines. I made a name flash in bright changing colours and a Jellyfish which
moved its tentacles and changed position.

Scratch Project One Scratch Project Two
WOW Pamphlet WOW Pamphlet page two

I have used photoshop last year in year nine to create my own food packaging. I also made a
pamphlet and a banner this year for the 2019 WOW project shown as images.